Beetangle Player

Beetangle Player is easy to use and affordable media player. It allows you to build and play endless video sequences in loops without the disturbing gaps between clips. You can buy Beetangle Player (we currently delivery to Czech Republic only, soon other countries will follow). Or you can build your own if you have basic IT knowledge or anybody who can help you. This manual describes how to configure the player purchased from Beetangle. In case you want to build your own start here.

Initial configuration

Beetangle Player delivery is plug-and-play. Just connect it to TV or projector. Use HDMI or analog cinch/3.5mm cable (not part of of package). Connect your Player to the video output screen and network, only then connect it to the power.

The Player will initialize, and you will see something like this on the connected screen:

welcome OK

If you see following message instead, check your network connection and if you are connected to internet.

welcome no net

Follow the instruction and point your web browser at the given address. In your browser, you will be asked for a password. The default at setup is ‘admin’.

Next you’ll be asked for “token”. Token is needed to connect your Beetangle Player with Beetangle account. Enter the token code, which you can get at Beetangle Admin page (link is included at the page).

Last you need to give the Player a name. Choose something simple. Player name shall be unique in your set of Players.

During the first installation SD card will be extended automatically and Player will reboot.

You can now send video to your Player by selecting the chosen Player name when publishing a Q.


The Beetangle Player is fully automated for everyday operation. Once connected to the team account, every Q published to a particular Player is automatically transferred and played in an endless loop.

Beetangle Player doesn’t need any everyday operation. Plug it in and out is the only thing you should do. In case you would need to change something, or check the status, you can log in anytime to the Beetangle Player web interface by pointing your browser to http://<IP or hostname of your Pi>:8001/

Here you can change your Player password , set the audio output (HDMI/analog), restart the loop playout, or even disconnect the Player from one Beetangle account and connect to another one.

Beetangle Player checks for changes to the published Q every half an hour, always at the top of and half past the hour. If you want to apply your Q changes immediately, you can do so via the web interface; clicking on the ‘Force playlist update’ button will prompt the Player to immediately update to the newest published version of your Q.

Software update

You will occasionally receive an email stating that a Beetangle Player update is available. It is good practice to keep all your Players updated to the latest version. You can update the software by clicking “Update SW” in the Beetangle Player web config window. Player will restart after the update is finished.


Error logs and Support

If you run into any problems, you can contact Beetangle support at Please describe the issue as fully as you can, and attach the log file from your Beetangle Player. This can be found in the Beetangle Player web config window; just click ‘Show logs.’