Playing video can be easy

Kiosk-like video for events, exhibitions, lobbies, shops or hotels.

Beetangle makes playing video easy. Beetangle is small player, which seamlessly loops sequences of video clips. You upload your content remotely, from anywhere, using web. Anybody can build and operate perfect seamless video loops. No technical knowledge needed.



Upload video to the Beetangle cloud. Don't bother with format


Simply drag-and-drop to create perfect video sequences


Beetangle Player downloads the sequence and loops it seamlessly


Jenny He

World of Tim Burton Exhibition
We needed video on many screens with a maximum of control and a minimum of fuss. Beetangle gave us that - and they resolved our hardware nightmares too.

Marek Poledníček

Program Center Manager
Jachymov Spa
Beetangle has helped us slash our info TV costs without compromising on quality or control, and it’s so simple that all our staff can use it. We use it to publish to YouTube, too – a real bonus!

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Beetangle is priced per number of video feeds and players used.

To request the personalised quote, please click the button bellow and send us an email with more information. Like what is your project about, how many players you would need etc. We promise to respond within one business day.

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